Pool Cleaning And Maintenance Company In Dubai

Pool Cleaning And Maintenance Company In Dubai

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Company in Dubai with AMC Contract and best service in the sector of swimming pools Design and Construction the most popular choice for anyone who wants to build a swimming pool is the fibreglass pool. Because they are a good choice for residential purposes, as they have less maintenance requirements compared to other types of pools like concrete pools. There are several types of designs one of which will come to your house according to your chosen design and to be sunk into the ground but before that happens, the ground needs to dug out in that shape and to be covered and supported with sand and concrete. Here are few tips for how to maintain this type of pools:

Products to clean the pool

Try to use cleansers that are specifically made for glass pool maintenance. Don’t use brushes with stiff bristles, because eventually they would leave scratches on your glass wall. Avoid harsh cleansers as they would damage the fibreglass and can cost you some cash for repairs.

Regular cleaning

If you have a mature garden then it is obvious that your pool would get ugly and dirty due to leaves and bugs, and this is very unhygienic  because mosquitoes are lay their eggs on dirty water. So you have to beware of the consequences. If you don’t want to face them then maintain a regular cleaning of the pool. If left unattended debris tend to gather on your pool water. Then your pool will be able reflect a clean and attractive appearance. A telescopic pole with a net would come in handy because it will help you to clean the pool in just few sweeps. And you can use a vacuum to suck out the dirt from the bottom.

Pool filtering

To keep the pool chemicals well balanced you should run the pool filter after each session of your swimming schedule for 7 hours at least daily. It will not only help the water to stir properly and keep the chemicals in balance but the debris will come up because of the stirring and help you to clean it before you dive in again.

Pool Covering

One of the most important things is the pool cover; you should definitely buy a solar pool cover to keep every particle of dirt out from your pool. This reduces maintenance work. And because of this you will also get comfortable temperature to swim in.


Chemicals are used in pools so there is always a chance of chemical stains on the walls of the pools. But you can’t leave it like that, can you? When the metal levels exceeds the ideal levels it leaves stains on the walls like copper which leaves bluish-green colored stains and iron which is reddish-brown. You may also see magnesium stains which are gray. But all this can be easily stopped by using metal chelating agents which will help you to reduce the affects of metallic stains on your glass walls by applying them every two weeks according to the given instructions.

Only installing a fabric glass work is not the only thing that you need for a swimming. You also need to have proper maintenance in it. There are some important points that should be taken care of for a proper maintenance of the installed swimming pool glass

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