Irrigation Company In Dubai

Irrigation Company In Dubai

Irrigation Company in Dubai for landscape and garden irrigation work people who have a swimming pool and a beautiful garden with different types of plants and flowers tend to water it every day with the help of their swimming pool because it is the best and the easiest process to do but they do make some mistakes that can ruin their entire garden and they would have to regret about it. Here are few things that you should and should not do while watering your garden with the help of your swimming pool otherwise irrigation of your garden.

Things that you should do

  • You should always check the water pressure of your building. More than 80 psi of pressure can lead to leakage of water and that would wastage of water and a terrible thing.
  • If you have rain sensors, make sure they are working properly otherwise if you have watered the plants and then rain comes it can cause damage to your plants.
  • Monitor the water line that leads to your swimming pool because most of the time it leaks a lot of water. You would not want to waste the water and the chemicals.
  • Maintenance is the key here. If you cant maintain it properly then you will be the one who has to suffer because you will have to clean it up again and again which is a serious headache. Be sure to check your laundry rooms and the hose bibs for leaks.
  • Inspect the crawl spaces under the floor for leaks. Small leaks can cause serious damage to your property because there will be wires present there.
  • If you think you need to save some water or you are overusing for some plants and grass replace them with deep rooted plants which need less water and you can also reduce the lawn area for more space.
  • Do a daily routine check of everything that would not take much time to see that everything is going right.

Things that you should not do

  • You should not use any type of chemical with the water in the pool to water the plants. Remove the chemicals before you do.
  • The ph level should not be more than 9 of the chemicals before you discharge the water for the irrigation process.
  • You should not have alligatored pavement and wet spots in your property.
  • You should not forget to check the underground leak.
  • Try to consume less water as much as possible, if you want your water bill to be less.
  • Avoid pumps if needed, because chemicals having small particles can get stuck in the hole from time to time and can cause a blockage for the water.
  • Dont avoid the time schedule for your irrigation.
  • Dont consider having a sprinkler system in your garden connected to your pool if you are living a windy area because a gentle breeze can cause problems for those landscape sprinklers.

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