Garden Statues

Garden Statues in Dubai for beautifying your garden where you can where you can have a relaxation with a cup of tea in the morning and go for evening walks. Thats why you need to keep this place serene, clean and beautiful.

Statues based on traditional and Contemporary Theme:

You need some master pieces like classy and eye catching statues which will add flair and scenic beauty to your garden. There are various affordable garden statues available in the market you just need to select it based on your theme.

If you are looking for some traditional art pieces for your traditional theme, then you can go for some statues of God or you can choose statues with antic finish. Small or Big Buddha statue in the position of meditation is a famous art piece which enhance the beauty of the garden. You can place it near flowering garden to add touch of peace and colour to your garden. From old days, people used the statues for decoration. As the statue comes in various sizes, you can choose the best size to implement in your house. It fits well in your garden space. Doves and pigeons are the most wanted statues to decorate garden space.

This states a complement your garden area and nature. Preening bird statues are in fashion now days. If you have small pool in your garden, then this statue is going to give a perfect look to your garden. Abstract sculptures, antique horse statues are good examples of antiquity. There are a wide range of garden statues available in the market which enhances the beauty of your outdoor area. Bird fairy garden statue can add the sophistication to the fountain area of your garden. There are some statues which can go well with you contemporary theme. Leaf Balls are very much used as a decorative item in garden space. This can be place at any corner of the garden. You can have a bunny statue too to decorate your outdoor space. It can be used as a center piece of your garden. It can make your lawn different, unique and beautiful. Based on your requirement you can choose many others of statues also which can make your garden beautiful.

Tips While Choosing Statues:

You have to be very careful while choosing outdoor garden statues. Set a budget before going to purchase it, because there are chances of making an impulse purchase very high. You can find many statues which catch your eyes, but after coming home you may realize that the choice is wrong, because it does not go well with the surroundings of the garden and yard. The statue can be smaller or larger depending on the total size of the garden and of course the size of the specific part where the statue will be placed. These are available in much kind of materials like metal, stones, fiber stone, fiber glass and resin etc. Statues made by bronze material generally are costly on the other hand, cement statues are quite cheaper. Outdoor garden statues must be made of high quality materials.

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