Garden Accessories In Dubai

Garden Accessories In Dubai

A Garden Accessories  and Garden Décor  can give you feeling of utmost nature. There are several interesting challenges that should be considered when landscaping around a swimming pool. The plants should be colorful and lush. Make sure they wont drop leaves into the pool water. You dont want to spend your whole time skimming and cleaning the pool. Another most important part of making your pool area more beautiful is to accessorize your garden.

Accessorizing By Some Swimming Pool Plants:

You have to accessorize your pool garden area by keeping this in mind that your plant should not drop their leaves or seed heads into the water. Colorful and lush plants can turn your pool into an oasis. There are some plants which are litter free but look wonderful such as - Queen Palm which sway gently in the breeze and provides light shades, Papyrus which as long stems and green pom-poms. It looks great as a background plant for example Bird of Paradise which has large, broad leaves and a vivid flower that resembles a bird in flight. Fortnight Lily is a full sun perennial up to twenty four inches tall with yellow, blue or white blooms. Hibiscus is a classic plant which is available in colours like white, pink, red, orange, purple or yellow. Day Lily has colourful blooms that last for twenty four hours, it needs really low maintenance. Heavenly Bamboo is rusty red plant which makes a good background or screen. Apaganthus resembles a firework. It blooms white to dark blue which explodes from atop a slender 2+ foot stalk. Golden Euonymus has yellow, variegated leafage which is good for brightening up plantings. Garden accessories like mixing plants with various colors, shapes and textures along with trailing, bushy and growing foliage can bring depth and interest to your overall composition.

Accessorizing By Other Ornaments:

If you want to create a surprising sense of creativity and charm while decorating your outdoor space, you have to take landscaping very seriously. Outdoor ornaments or garden accessories act as focal points.

A bronze sculpture or concrete statue on a pedestal, a fountain in the center of a courtyard, or even a pillar-shaped stone showcased with ornamental grasses can establish a fantastic focal point of attraction. You can also go for smaller pieces such as birdbaths, sundials, colorful containers and gazing balls at garden centers. Old World ceramic furniture, fountains, urns and planters make an engaging focal point of conversation. A decomposed granite path can be inlaid with recycled broken crockery and tiles. You can make an outdated container and a plant saucer into a colorful birdbath. Decorative planters, urns and troughs become trendy fashion accessory for outdoor spaces now days. You can use materials such as cast stone, terra cotta, ceramic and glazed pottery around the pool and spa area. You should choose those items that go with the overall feel of your setting and theme like - traditional, modern, romantic, rustic, etc. Some interesting furniture like an well designed furniture like bench, chair, sofa set can also create a focal point

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