Fibreglass Pool Manufacturers In Dubai

Fibreglass Pool Manufacturers In Dubai

We are the best Fibreglass Pool manufacturers in Dubai with a hallmark name in the industry of swimming pool companies in Dubai. Buying a fibreglass pool for yourself will cost you quite same like the purchase of a new car. You will get huge amount of options with different features available for each one but you dont need everything do you so, just like you want comfort, good mileage, longevity and ease of use from a car. You will also want something from your fiberglass pool like a place where you can play with your children, a place to relax and soak the heat, a place to swim and exercise and a pool that will last-long for your entertainment. You will have to understand that you have to pick the right type of pool with the right options so that you can enjoy to the fullest without even thinking about maintenance every day. But dont go for the cheapest always neglecting the quality and maintenance charges that it will take because later o when it is finished, you will have nothing to regret, because you cant sell a in ground pool.

Things that you will need to construct a pool will be listed below:

  •  Perimeter tile.
  • Colored pool surface finish.
  • Extra concrete decking.
  • Low voltage lighting
  • Decorative concrete decking
  • Sliding boards.
  • Mosaic.
  • Salt chlorine generators.
  • Security covers.
  • Automatic covers.
  • Retaining walls.

There are many options available that you will be provided with but you will have to select those only which is important for you and is beneficial for the success of the construction of your pool.


Before buying yourself a Jacuzzi for the luxury and comfort you want and to show to your friends and family members, you should know that there are many hidden costs that will sting you like a bee. So, before you buy one Jacuzzi for you, you should know how much it can cost you:

Installing an electrical outlet: You will need a 220 volt electric line run to your bathroom where your Jacuzzi will be located. This should be done before you install the Jacuzzi .

A solid foundation: You will either need a cement slab or a deck for the hot tub/Jacuzzi to sit on. It should be solid and most likely you would have to install something to strengthen.

Replacing filters: You will have to replace filters every 5-6 months, that means twice a year and each filters costs. So be prepared for that expense also.

Monitoring of chemicals: You would have to constantly monitor the PH levels, as well as sanitation of the tub whether it is chlorine or bromine or something else.

Maintenance: The most important part is this, pump fails, pipes leaked or even a break down repairing it will cost you hundreds of dollars.

So, if you are planning to have a fibre glass pools or a Jacuzzi, then these are some of the most important tips that you should surely have in mind. 

When it comes to Landscape and Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance, we are the best in the market. For the best landscape services in the United Arab Emirates, get in touch with us. Give us an opportunity to serve you and we assure that you shall not regret. For more details about us and our work, please log onto our official website or call us at (+971) 0559804287. You may also write to us with your queries and projects at