False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Design

Getting a False Ceiling Design great way to spruce up the decor. It goes a long way in adding a touch of glamour to place, and in some cases can also be functional in keeping the sun and rain out, if thus constructed. But a false ceiling may seem intimidating.


Advantages of having a false ceiling

The towering structure, suspended so many feet above the ground may appear a little frightening. But with the right safety measures, a suspended ceiling can be a great addition to your pool.

Aesthetic value:

One of the most pertinent reasons for installing suspended ceilings is that it undisputedly makes any area look much better. What it does primarily is it conceals the messy network of pipes, duct work and electrical circuits which usually stand out in a congested manner. False ceilings cover them up flawlessly, giving your pool space an elegant look.


Reduces noise:

False ceilings largely help the acoustics of any area. They are usually built such that they are sound proof. This makes sure that the noise does not carry and the pool area is quiet. Most public pools tend to get very noisy and having a conversation with friends or catching up over a swim becomes difficult. But with the help of false ceilings, this problem can be easily sorted.


Acts as shelter:

Some false ceilings, not all, can act as a protective roof over the pool. It can keep the heat out and make the pool free for use even during the rains. Several people prefer swimming indoors as it provides greater privacy and allows one to swim even despite inclement weather. A roof also helps keep the dirt out. It can create a pollution free environment, thereby encouraging more people to use the pool.


More economical than installing permanent ceiling:

Since false ceilings are attached externally, they can be removed when the need arises or changed when you want to refurnish the space. Installing and detaching false ceilings is also more convenient that renovating your entire ceiling structure. Since false ceilings are external fixtures, they can be altered without any hassle.

Act as insulators:

Just as people install false ceilings while fixing up air conditioners installing suspended ceilings for pools is a judicious option as well. It helps retain the temperature of the room and can aid the installation of heaters, coolers or humidifiers.



One must exercise caution while installing any architectural fixture and the false ceiling is no different. Here are a few things you must keep in mind.

  • They may partially tamper with the dimensions of the space and give a boxy impression.
  • Installation of suspended ceilings requires the intervention of professional masons. It is not something that can be done by untrained people and can have potential hazards if done recklessly.

False ceiling is a wonderful alternative to regular ceilings. They come in various unique patterns, colors and designs and can jazz up any dull pool in no time.

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