Artificial Grass Suppliers

Artificial Grass Suppliers

We are leading Artificial Grass Suppliers in Dubai, UAE with best Artificial Grass Carpet & Artificial Grass Installation Service in Dubai, UAE. If you looking for Fake Grass  in Dubai, We are a reputed company that deals with  Artificial Grass & Grass Installation UAE.

Swimming Pool Company installs the Artificial Grass, Maintenance of Artificial Grass and landscape pools you want a natural environment around your swimming pool want to see whole greenery But in your busy life time becomes more precious as you seek to juggle all your responsibilities. Growing the normal sized lawn can take 2 to 3 hours out of your week and it is not at all possible for you. So, you can always go for an artificially made surface of synthetic fibers which look like natural grass.

Benefits of Using Artificial Grass:

You dont need to cut it and trim it like natural grasses. No need to use chemicals and fertilizers on it which can poor into the pool and get mixed with the water. You dont need to clean and filter the pool very frequently for grass clippings. Artificial grass or fake grass needs very lower maintenance.

It has no slippery surface unlike concrete or real grass. Artificial grasses are much softer than concrete, so if someone falls then he has a softer landing surface. If water gets splashed onto it, it drains much quicker and dries much faster in the sunit drains 25 times faster than regular grass. If you have small kids who love to play and run around the edge of the pool area, you dont have to be worried that he or she may get hurt.

Excessive splashing of water can create a situation where muddy water can end up all over the yard. In this kind of situation children and pets can drag the mud into the house or track it all over the patio. But having artificial grass around the swimming pool can stay your surface clean.

Artificial grass is not only safer and need much lesser maintenance, but it also stays beautiful all year round.

Maintenance of Artificial Grass:

You dont need to fertilize, mow, aerate or waste huge amounts of water to have green grass surrounding your home. However, this does not mean that artificial grass is completely maintenance free. To keep your synthetic grass looking its best you need to do regular cleaning and maintenance.

If you have pets, children or lots of trees and shrubs, you have to clean you synthetic lawn some often. If you live in a dusty area, you have to rinse it down more often, but in rainy season you can allow rain to wash it constantly. Regular washing your grass fibers with a hose will remove all dust and other small debris.

A broom with stiff bristles or a stiff brush can remove all the dusts particles, leaves from your artificial grass. While choosing your brush make sure that has not steel bristles which can damage the grasses.

After cleaning the whole grasses, you may notice that the grasses are not standing upright and after you have lain on it some grasses are not erect in certain areas, simply using broom or a brush against its natural blade can make it to stand up properly.

If you are going to a new home which has a lawn of artificial grasses that have not been properly groomed, it is recommended, you have your lawn professionally groomed to restore it to its former lushness.

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